Everything You Need to Know About Truck Accidents and Truck Accident Lawyers

The success of the commercial industry is dependent on the existence of trucks and semi-trucks. Transportation of products is only possible between locations with the help of these trucks. Sadly, you will find these trucks to be part of road accidents. With truck accidents, not only are damages expected to the vehicles but also injuries to the drivers of the truck and those of other vehicles. The consequences are very much devastating for every party involved. It is during these trying times that reliable truck accident lawyers are a must. When it comes to truck accident lawyers, you have many options out there.

Every year, more or less 400,000 accidents happen on the road that involve commercial vehicles. Commercial vehicles involve commercial trucks, semi-trucks, commercial buses, commercial vans, and the like. Usually, these truck accidents get into collision with personal or passenger vehicles. Most of the time, packed trucks can weigh as much as 60 tons and over. When a truck travels at a speed of 65 MPH, it often requires a stopping distance on the road of about 400 feet. This is distance is unlike the average 160 feet among non-commercial trucks and regular vehicles. With only the power of an 18-wheeler, a collision can send it straight to the sides of a building or a store.

The consequences of most if not all commercial trucks involving other cars and trucks often imply a serious wreck due to their massive size. These consequences often come in the form of lethal and severe injuries. The injuries even become much more serious when the truck is transporting combustible products or dangerous chemical substances. Secondary traumas can happen to these hazardous truck accidents like respiratory system injuries, burns, etc.

The majority of truck accidents is often caused by driver fatigue. When the driver has fatigue, he or she may sleep unintentionally at the control or make the wrong calculations on the road. A lot of truck accidents involving driver fatigue happen in the middle of the afternoon or early in the day. With research studies, findings show how hazardous the grogginess after waking up from a sleep is. The most serious accidents are often those that involve fatigue in truck drivers. That is why the services of truck accident lawyers are always vital.

Right after truck accidents, it is vital that investigation takes place right away. Through this process, you know that evidence will be preserved better. Claims are only possible when there is proper collection of information. The trucker’s log book, the vehicle’s routine maintenance information, the location of the damage, the speed of the car and that of the truck, and the past infractions by the concerned driver or transportation firm. You can only build a solid case through the help of a truck accident lawyer.

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